Predict to profit

Forex traders earn and achieve success by analyzing, predicting and bidding. Real professionals know that it is not about luck but tough and thorough work. So, we decided to find out who is the best at predicting currency dynamics. That is why we are launching a new contest.


  1. How is it going to work: we will announce financial instrument and time brackets for your predictions. Then we will sort out all the bets and predictions and make a post announcing the winners.
  2. Who can participate: only followers of our Facebook page.
  3. How the winner will be defined:
    If one of the participants guesses the exact price of the financial instrument, he/she will receive $100 no deposit bonus.
    If not, first 5 participants with the closest predictions will receive our $30 no deposit bonus (difference from the actual price should be less than 5 pips).
  4. Where can I place my prediction: Facebook only, in the comments section under the contest post

Terms and conditions:

  • participants must be at least 18 years old;
  • only predictions on our official Facebook contest post are considered;
  • only verified accounts can participate in the promotion;
  • the client will receive $100 no deposit funds if the prediction is absolutely precise if there is no correct prediction a closest prediction will be chosen (the difference with the actual price should be less than 4 points);
  • if the person received a no deposit bonus before, he/she will receive an additional 25% bonus for their next deposit instead of the no deposit prize;
  • winners will be contacted by our official page on Facebook;
  • the bonus is available only for the participants that have not received any no deposit funds before;
  • bonus funds are available for the trading until the first withdrawal;
  • no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn.